Imagination Running Amok

Palo Verde branches enfold
arms of the saguaro cactus
rooted deep in Sonoran sand and time


snuggled as if in lover’s embrace
satiated and spent
in sweltering heat

or perhaps

finger-like branches
brushing the five o’clock shadow
of an old west bandit
arms uplifted
as if peering down Winchester’s barrel

but maybe

a centuries-old grave marker
roots tangled with buried baby bones
pitiful reminder of forgotten pioneers
in wooden wagons oxen-drawn
on wheels of hardship

or could they be

sentinels guarding a landing site
for gray-skinned Venusian visitors
piloting intergalactic
spheroids of phosphorescent silver.

© Susan Parker
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author’s written permission.

Synopsis of Angel on My Doorstep


Angel on My Doorstep is a heartwarming account of author Susan Parker’s final days with her husband, Cort, before he passed over to The Other Side.

“Bedridden … drifting in and out of sleep,” writes Susan, “Cort told me in a moment of clarity that I needed to write this book, ‘to make it easier for the next guy.’

“The last weeks of Cort’s life were filled with one spiritual adventure after another as we each walked with those on ‘the other side’ of the veil.”

Susan met Cort through a mutual friend, who lived on a houseboat across from Cort’s 42-foot CHB Trawler, Lady S, moored at the Sacramento Yacht Club on the Sacramento River.

The two experienced eleven blissful years of marriage before the downward spiral of Cort’s health introduced Susan to a whole new level of awareness that far surpassed her earlier spiritual experiences.

After Cort’s passing, Cort started to visit Susan in her dreams.

“I came to wonder why I, an ordinary woman, was open to seeing spirits and angels and receiving visits from those who’d passed over to The Other Side,” writes Susan.

She soon discovered the number was significant. At age three she used to hover near the ceiling at night in out of body experiences.

Writes Susan: “I came to learn, among other things, the power of words spoken out loud, and to meet my spirit guides and guardian angels. I realized The Source of all things possible walks beside us on our earthbound journey, giving us encouragement and guidance for the asking.”