Selected Poetry

I began writing contemporary poetry in 1985. Friends told me I was “pretty good” and that I should write more. Deciding I needed to hone my craft, I signed up for a poetry writing workshop, only to discover I wasn’t really that good after all. I’ve continued to take writing workshops throughout the years from different people in hopes of perfecting the craft of writing poetry. Through one of the workshop instructors I discovered cowboy poetry and was completely enamored. I spent several years writing in the cowboy poetry genre and performing at cowboy poetry gatherings throughout the West.

The two poets that have been the most instrumental in helping me fine tune my writing, encouraging me to be fearless in my writing and to “push the envelope” are Paul Zarzyski and Ken Rodgers. My writing heroes!

You can read more of my poetry at www.susanparkerpoet.com or check out the pieces accessible from the Selected Poetry category in the sidebar at the left.

If you would like to know more about western and cowboy poetry, there is no better source than CowboyPoetry.com. Several of my western poems appear there at cowboypoetry.com/susanparker.htm

A recording of my cowboy poetry, or western poetry as I call it, was released in 2007. It’s called She Rode a Wild Horse.

My early works of poetry are gathered in my first book, Lady By The Bay, published in 2003.

What makes good or bad poetry can be a matter of opinion, and we all have one. Please enjoy some of my poetry written throughout the years.

Please keep in mind these works are copyrighted by Susan Parker and may not be reprinted or reposted without my written permission. It just wouldn’t be cool!