Angel on My Doorstep: Book


Released in January 2014, Published by Dandelion Books

Angel on My Doorstep: An Ordinary Woman’s Journey with Those from The Other Side is a heartwarming account of author Susan Parker’s final days with her husband, Cort, before he passed over to The Other Side.

“Bedridden … drifting in and out of sleep,” writes Susan, “Cort told me in a moment of clarity that I needed to write this book, ‘to make it easier for the next guy.’

“The last weeks of Cort’s life were filled with one spiritual adventure after another as we each walked with those on ‘the other side’ of the veil.”

Susan met Cort through a mutual friend, who lived on a houseboat across from Cort’s 42-foot CHB Trawler, Lady S, moored at the Sacramento Yacht Club on the Sacramento River.

The two experienced eleven blissful years of marriage before the downward spiral of Cort’s health introduced Susan to a whole new level of awareness that far surpassed her earlier spiritual experiences.

After Cort’s passing, Cort started to visit Susan in her dreams.

“I came to wonder why I, an ordinary woman, was open to seeing spirits and angels and receiving visits from those who’d passed over to The Other Side,” writes Susan.

She soon discovered the number was significant. At age three she used to hover near the ceiling at night in out-of-body experiences.

Writes Susan: “I came to learn, among other things, the power of words spoken out loud, and to meet my spirit guides and guardian angels. I realized The Source of all things possible walks beside us on our earthbound journey, giving us encouragement and guidance for the asking.”

Praise for Angel on My Doorstep:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Angel on My Doorstep by Susan Parker. Susan’s detailed journey of the synchronicities she experienced and messages from The Other Side, during such a life-changing time, offered comfort, clarity and excitement. Her glimpses of the very thin veil to The Other Side rang so true with what I know and believe to be true. She writes in such a way that I read the entire book all the way through in one sitting. I found it so interesting and heartfelt. A must read …
— Cherie Vergini, Psychic and Pet Communicator

Susan Parker, the author of Angel on My Doorstep, has a most pleasant style of writing that grabs the reader and makes one want to learn more of her life experiences. I read her manuscript in a single sitting because once I had started, I did not want to put it down. If the reader believes in the possibility of communication with the afterlife, this book offers a wealth of such experiences and it is clear that those experiences greatly helped the author to cope with some important and often difficult periods in her life. If the reader is not open to communication with persons on the other side of the veil, or unwilling to believe in the connection between dreams and messages from people who have passed on, this book is a testament to Susan’s grit and fortitude in coping with demanding situations with love and hope. She also explains how she believes dreams throughout her life have pointed the direction for her to follow. Angel on My Doorstep is a book that offers insights on several levels and is a delight to read.
— Michael E. Sedgwick, Author

What a joy and reminder that I should listen to my spiritual guides and my dreams in seeing that I am indeed supported and informed by God and the universe. Susan Parker’s writing shows reality in life and death, moved along with creative descriptions that kept me reading until I finished the book and then wishing for more, yet sitting and processing that I, too, have the skills to receive. All I need to do is be quiet and ask my guides for assistance.
— Rev. Julie Goodman

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