About Susan

Susan Parker is a writer and poet, a seeker of life’s true purpose, and one who embraces change. A numerologist told her in the 1980s that she had been an author in a past life who would write a book in this lifetime as well, and that it would be a “best seller.” Living for the most part a normal lifestyle, with no earth-shattering tragedies or Hollywood-style drama, she couldn’t imagine writing anything that one would find so interesting as to make a book a best seller.

Susan began writing contemporary poetry in 1985. In 2004, she discovered and began writing cowboy poetry, performing her original work as well as poetry written by others at cowboy poetry gatherings throughout the West. It wasn’t until her husband Cort passed over in 2009 that she discovered what she feels is her true life pathway, following her heart’s passion as a writer and author.

Spiritual adventures began for Susan at the age of three and evolved as she matured. From out-of-body experiences to precognitive dreams and through speaking with loved ones who have passed over to The Other Side, she has gained a different perspective about life and death. Having survived the deaths of two husbands, she has learned that death is not to be feared. Susan believes everyone crosses over when their earthbound journey is complete and their life lessons have been learned, and that once loved ones leave this earthly plane, human as well as animal, they remain by our side to give us guidance and comfort until we are once again reunited.

A native of Northern California, Susan Parker answered the call of her Inner Voice and resides near Tucson, Arizona. She shares her paranormal experiences in her most recent book, Angel on My Doorstep: An Ordinary Woman’s Journey with Those from The Other Side.