She Rode a Wild Horse: Audio CD


Released in 2007, includes:
“Spiritual Source” by Susan Parker
“Tapestry of Knots” by Virginia Bennett
“Ranch Mother” by S. Omar Barker
“Tomboy” by Dee Strickland Johnson (“Buckshot Dot”)
“Cowboy Kinda Girl” by Susan Parker
“Winter Fashions” by Elizabeth Ebert
“Generic Titles” by Sally Bates
“Final Ride” by Susan Parker
“Late Born Foal” by Susan Parker
“The Truth of the Matter” by Virginia Bennett
“Where the Ponies Come to Drink” by Henry Herbert Knibbs
“Painted Pony” by Susan Parker
“The Hooves of the Horses” by Will Ogilvie
“She Rode a Wild Horse” by Susan Parker

Susan Parker comments about the title track, “She Rode a Wild Horse,” “I was in the process of compiling the works for a CD when my friend and poetry pal Sandy Stillwell shared her mother’s favorite childhood story with me. I told Sandy that there was a poem in the story to which she replied, ‘Yes, and I told Mom you would write it.’ So I did. When the poem was completed I knew it was a perfect fit for the CD and that it would be the title track. No doubt about it!”

The CD was produced by Open Path Music, and each track is accompanied by their inspired music. Performers include Renata Bratt, Jason Lewis, Charles Littleleaf, Tim Volpicella, Scott Sorkin, and Gordon Stevens.

The CD’s photography and design is by Jeri L. Dobrowski,d.b.a. Lamesteer Publishing and Graphics.

Praise for She Rode a Wild Horse:
“Susan’s recitations ring with such clarity and spirit, it feels as though she’s riding along in the back seat of my’71 Viper Red Monte Carlo—as though she’s on stage in the living room here and I’m front-row center. A bunch of heart and soul behind the mike. It’s all strong, STRONG, STRONG! So wonderful that she included a couple classics, as well as work by contemporary women poets. An extremely successful choreography.”
Paul Zarzyski

“Hey! Don’t miss Susan Parker’s terrific new poetry CD, She Rode a Wild Horse. Susan sure did herself proud on this her very first recording! Not only does she recite the poems extremely well (and with precise diction), but she has included exquisite musical passages between numbers, and the jacket is outstanding as well. This will be a valuable addition to any cowboy poetry collection.”
Dee Strickland Johnson (“Buckshot Dot”)

“Looking through Susan Parker’s window to the West provides a view that is refreshing and new. Her smooth delivery is like a breath of spring.”
Yvonne Hollenbeck

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