Piano Man

Adobe arches of Tlaquepaque
shadow acoustic music
flute guitar piano rolling
on Sedona’s hazy air meandering
through a vortex of dancing

bewitching pulling me
towards the silver-haired sixties man.
Like an afterglow caress
across a lover’s back
his callused fingers
stroke the ivory bones
on a Yamaha keyboard.

Heartache dwells in facial creases
crinkled eyes hide loves lost yet
his lips remain set in soft smile
as if he knows the secret
that waits on The Other Side.

Celtic and Native American medleys
blend with the scent of red-rock dirt
expand all conscious thought
until he lifts his head
locks his eyes on mine.

Sheltered by long limbs
of a cottonwood tree we drift
through rips in the veil
through rifts of infinity
physical plane to the universe of angels.

Like notes in a broken chord
beyond earthly ties suspended
in the shift we become

© Susan Parker
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author’s written permission.